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Battle of Berlin

The Battle of Berlin, known to the Soviets as the Berlin Strategic Offensive Operation, was one of the last battles of the European Front of WWII. During the battle the Red Army took the capital of the Third Reich and brought about the end of the Second World War in Europe. The operation lasted 23 days, from April 16 to May 8, 1945, during which the Soviet forces advanced by 100 to 220 km. The frontline was 300 km wide.


The result of the operation was annihilation of the largest concentration of German forces, capture of the German capital, and the death or capture of most of the Third Reich's leadership. The fall of Berlin and the loss of German leadership led to an almost complete break-down of German armed forces in Europe and the eventual German surrender.Hundreds of thousands of POWs, prisoners, and forced labourers were also liberated during the operation, including over 200,000 non-Soviet citizens.The Berlin Operation set a record as the largest battle in history. On both sides, over 3.5 million men took part in the battle, as well as 52,000 guns, 7,750 tanks and 11 thousand aircraft.

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